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A community committed to making space for what matters.

What is Refocus?

Refocus is a community exploring what it means to live intentionally. Our aim is to help you make space for what matters most in your life.

To take time to think is to gain time to live
Nancy Kline 

Our monthly focus topics and weekly prompts encourage reflection and discussion. Engaging in these activities with other members of the community offers a means of gaining perspective, insight, inspiration and encouragement. 

Come and join us!

About your host

Emma Cragg is a coach, facilitator and writer exploring personal development, reflective practice and how we create time and space to make life's big decisions.

Her hope for this community is that it provides a contemplative space where we can reassess our priorities and develop strategies to bring these things into focus in our daily lives. Each month she will introduce a new topic and a range of prompts and activities to help frame the conversation.

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